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About Us

HostFission provides professional full server management, monitoring and hosting solutions. All our staff are located in Australia and are available 24x7 for emergency support.

Our staff have over 15 years of hands on professional experience with Linux based operating systems, and a multitude of configurations utilizing the most modern of technologies to provide high performance high reliably cost effective solutions to our clients.

We have extensive experience with hosting infrastructures from small single server configurations right up to multiple server high availability clusters, both on a national and international level (see our portfolio for examples).

Do you already have support staff or engineers? If so, HostFission are able to work with them to provide them with a highly skilled technical support line. Some of our clients even have an entire server administration department, but still use our services due to the security net we provide, and our custom monitoring and preventative emergency support.

The services that we offer are:

Please see our portfolio for a list of our satisfied clients.