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Linux Server Management

In the hosting world it has become more and more aparrent to small and large buisnesses world wide that a fully trained and knowledgeable server administrator is required, especially as a buisness grows. We also understand that many small companies can not afford the cost of employing a full time server administrator, or if they do, they often find that there is not enough administration work and the administrator starts getting lumped with development work.

We recognise that there is a gap here that often needs filling but due to the aforementioned reasons it is often ignored or even overlooked. HostFission renders full server management world wide, from small deployments of single servers to large scale high availability deployments. We are based in Australia and do not out source our support to foreign countries.

HostFission can provide a month to month no lock in full server management and monitoring package tailored to satisfy your requirements while staying within a reasonable budget.

Management includes:

  • 24/7 full server monitoring.
  • 24/7 access to fully trained and qualified Australian engineers.
  • Full server tuning and optimization.
  • Free migrations between servers and infrastucture.
  • Custom server adjustments and alterations.
  • Advisement of issues or suggested changes.
  • Malware detection and prevention.

People who use this service:

  • Web Designers with cPanel Servers.
  • Large organisations with high performance demands.
  • Companies with mission critical systems.
  • Server administrators that have become overloaded with other work.
  • Website owners who have outgrown their host.
  • See our portfolio for our satisfied clients.

Please note that we also provide the server monitoring solution as a seperate service at a reduced cost if full management is not required, please see the "Server Monitoring" page for more information.


Please contact us for a quote, we do not provide fixed pricing as each configuration varies depending on the amount of work involved.