Server Management

At HostFission, our focus is on delivering professional server management services at competitive rates, catering to a wide range of needs, from single cPanel servers to enterprise-grade high availability clusters with redundant failover.

We understand that competent and qualified administrators are scarce, and often, programmers are tasked with server management, overlooking the fact that it requires a distinct skill set. Many companies realise the significance of proper server administration only after consulting with us, discovering potential cost savings due to poor configuration or implementation.

A common complaint we encounter is slow-performing or unavailable websites during high traffic periods. However, we aim to prove that reliable, high-performance servers can be affordable. Our expertise reduces costs substantially for clients, while ensuring their services become more reliable.

In a specific case, we helped a client migrate from a dual server setup to a load-balanced cluster of six servers with full redundancy. Despite custom configurations and management costs, our client managed to cut their monthly bill in half, saving over $10,000 AUD per year. With this new setup, the client's website has operated flawlessly for two years, even during major US televised media events.

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