Server Management

Our primary emphasis is on providing professional server management services at competitive rates. Be it a single cPanel server or an enterprise-grade high availability cluster with redundant failover, HostFission are able to provide a management service to suit the most demanding needs.

Competent qualified administrators are far and between, often programmers are pushed into the job of server management. Unfortunately, many companies do not realize that server administration is an entirely separate skill set. All too often we have consulted with clients who felt that their infrastructure was well managed and modern, only to find out that there is enormous savings to be had due to poor configuration or implementation.

The most common complaint we encounter is a slow-performing website or a website that becomes unavailable during high traffic periods. Some have even come to accept this is a normal part of having a website and just put up with it, or believe the cost is too high to correct the problem. HostFission aims to prove that it is possible to have a reliable high-performance server without spending a fortune. Our clients find that once we have worked our magic their costing usually decreases by a substantial amount and their service becomes reliable.

In one particular case we had a client who was hosted with a data center that was also providing full server management services. Several times a year the client would experience extreme server traffic due to US televised media events during which their website would become unavailable. Our client believed they were getting good service by their data center, but when we investigated we found it very differently. Through monitoring and testing, we were able to determine that the data center were being dishonest about the service and charging exorbitant fees for what little was provided.

We assisted our client in moving from their dual server configuration, to a load-balanced cluster of six servers will full redundancy. Even with the extra servers, custom configuration and our management costs, our client halved their monthly bill saving well over $10,000 USD per year. The client's site has now been in operation on this new configuration for 2 years without a single outage or slow site period, even during marjor US televised media events.

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