Server Monitoring

Too often, the importance of proper monitoring is underestimated when it comes to critical infrastructure. While services like Pingdom and similar tools can indicate whether a server is responding or not, they provide limited insights into the specific conditions of your server. This lack of detailed information hampers administrators from taking preventive measures to avert potential outages.

Comprehensive server monitoring, on the other hand, involves the installation of dedicated software on your server, enabling it to report back to a central server with real-time health status updates regarding various components of your system. These monitoring checks span a wide range of parameters, encompassing basic assessments such as hard disk space usage, low RAM, and service outages (such as MySQL, Apache, or PHP), as well as more comprehensive evaluations of network usage, database performance, and hardware health.

The collected metrics are stored and accessible for historical analysis, providing administrators with valuable insights into the server's health over time. This historical perspective enables informed decision-making, allowing administrators to identify necessary changes and potential bottlenecks as their business grows. Furthermore, the monitoring system generates alarms and warnings before outages occur, granting administrators the opportunity to take proactive action and resolve any issues before they lead to service disruptions.

An illuminating example highlighting the diagnostic power of monitoring involves a client who experienced poor database performance during peak periods, despite low server load. While MySQL logs and status indicated saturation, further analysis of the monitoring metrics swiftly revealed that the network was saturated between the hosts. By upgrading to a high-speed 10Gbit link, the issue was promptly resolved, resulting in optimal database performance.

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